Market Entry

Market Overview

Ouino Consulting prepares an overview of your target market(s) in the US including trends, statistics, competition, distribution options, and regulatory obligations in order to identify and quantify business opportunities for your company.

Market Study

Ouino Consulting prepares an exhaustive study of your target market(s) in the US. In addition to the topics addressed in the Market Overview, the Market Study will include interviews with industry players, price checks, a SWOT analysis, and recommendations for your market entry strategy.

Marketing Localization

Ouino Consulting reviews all of your existing marketing tools: general brochures, product descriptions, case studies, website, etc. Doing business in the US requires the use of localized content for sales and promotion. American companies and individuals expect to receive messages based on benefits they can draw from a product or service. We will adapt your existing tools and/or create new tools to appeal to US customers.