Innovative Korean Tech Companies to Showcase in San Diego, CA: A Unique Opportunity for Local Businesses

San Diego, CA – In a gathering of technological innovation and international collaboration, OUINO Consulting, in partnership with KOMPASS Korea and KAPID (Korea Association for Photonics Industry Development), is thrilled to announce the visit of four pioneering Korean companies to San Diego, CA on March 26-27, 2024. This exclusive event, set against the backdrop of the renowned Optical Fiber Communication Conference® and Exposition (OFC), offers a unique platform for local businesses to explore potential partnerships and groundbreaking solutions in various tech sectors.

ENITT, IoLite, Tronix, and LALA Tale represent the forefront of South Korea’s tech innovation, each bringing unique solutions that span from advanced environmental monitoring, smart urban infrastructure, to innovative AI-driven storytelling platforms. Their visit to San Diego is not just a showcase of technological prowess but an invitation for collaboration, seeking to bridge the gap between Korean innovation and US market needs. 

Local businesses are invited to seize this unparalleled opportunity to meet with the delegates from these dynamic Korean companies. Whether you’re looking for cutting-edge technologies to integrate into your operations, innovative products to market, or strategic investment opportunities, this event promises valuable insights and potential collaborations.


For more information or to arrange a meeting with any of the visiting companies, please contact Sandy Palaniappan ( or Sarrah Thornburg ( at OUINO Consulting. Don’t miss out on this chance to connect with global tech leaders and elevate your business to new heights.

Act now to secure your spot in what promises to be a defining moment for tech collaboration in San Diego!


ENITT specializes in AI-based disaster safety and energy efficiency solutions, using cutting-edge technologies. View ENITT Company Brochure

IOLITE transforms urban living with its Smart Streetlight Auto Dimming Control System, reducing energy usage by over 30% and enhancing safety with edge computing and deep learning technology. View IOLITE Company Brochure

TRONIX delivers an energy-efficient Smart Public Lighting Control System that enhances urban infrastructure with real-time, integrated management and user-friendly interfaces. View TRONIX Company Brochure

LALA TALE leverages AI technology to offer a comprehensive mental health care application, providing personalized wellness programs and professional counseling to enhance emotional well-being globally. View LALA TALE Company Brochure